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Additional Sector Approval To Operate By MITI

Dear All Members,

Ministry of International Trade and Industry has provided details of additional sectors authorised to operate as per Annex 1. Companies in the additional sectors listed may submit their application to MITI beginning Monday 13 April 2020, from 9.00 am. All applications must be made online at MITI ( Only applications that are complete and fulfill the conditions will be processed.

  1. Company registration details including its SSM number, priorities license number and local authorities license number.
  2. Company’s correspondence and operation address. For the letter, companies are allowed to list up to 10 locations.
  3. Company’s estimated revenue for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  4. Company’s total number of permanent employees. The details of each employee, including name, NRIC or other identification details, nature/scope of work in the company and contact details must be submitted.
  5. No hard copies, all digital submission online!
  6. Companies in the additional sectors allowed to operate can only start their operation after approval is given by MITI.

Companies in the sectors that are allowed to operate MUST COMPLY with the requirements of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). In addition to adhering to these enhanced terms and guidelines, operating permits are also subject to compliance with the requirements set by MOH and guidelines by other relevant enforcement agencies from time to time. Failure to comply will result in the immediate revocation of the operating permit and legal action.

Please refer to the attachment:

Best regards,

MSTMA Secretariat